• Kim Seung-il - IPFS

    Kim Seung-il born 9 May 1985 is a South Korean gymnast Kim was part of the South Korean team that won the bronze medal in the team event at the 2006 Asian Games He competed for South Korea at the 2004 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games

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  • Shin Yun-bok - IPFS

    Shin Yun-bok Korean name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization Sin Yun-bok McCuneReischauer Sin Yunbok Pen name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization Hye-won McCuneReischauer Hyewŏn Courtesy name Hangul Hanja Revised Romanization Ip-bu McCune

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  • McCuneReischauer - Wikipedia

    McCuneReischauer romanization is one of the two most widely used Korean language romanization systems A modified version of McCuneReischauer was the official romanization system in South Korea until 2000 when it was replaced by the Revised Romanization of Korean system A variant of McCuneReischauer

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  • McCune-Reischauer Romanization System for Korean Language

    Roman Initial Medial Final a k k g between vowels and after m n ng l ng before m n l k ya n n l when preceded or followed by l n ŏ t t d between vowels and after m n ng t yŏ n r between vowels l before all other consonants and after n l n after other consonants

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  • Lee Ga-hyun - IPFS

    Lee Ga-hyun Hangul Revised Romanization Yi Ga-hyeon McCuneReischauer Yi Ka-hyŏn Birth name Hangul Revised Romanization Gwak Ga-hyeon McCuneReischauer Kwak Ka-hyŏn

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